Club Policies

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Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

WSC Constitution


Refund Policy

Weather Guidelines

Field Closures

In the event of excessive rain, the City of Woodstock monitors field conditions closely. A decision to CLOSE fields due to wet conditions is made by 3pm daily. Soccer would be cancelled in these instances.

WSC will notify all coaches and parents via email as closely to this time as possible.

Otherwise follow the WSC weather policy guidelines below.

WSC Weather Policy

All teams are expected to attend games regardless of the weather.

The Referee will inform the coaches whether a game will be played, unless other instructions are given by the WSC Executive.

The Referee shall stop any game in progress at the first sign of lightning, whether it is raining or not. A siren will be sounded to advise everyone on the fields. The referee will record the duration of the match on the game sheet if possible.

In the event of any game halted or delayed due to weather, all teams must remain on the premises for 15 minutes – in vehicles or in the building – in case the weather does clear and games may continue. A second siren will be sounded if the games are cancelled. If the siren is not sounded a second time, the games will be re-started.

**All age groups play soccer in all weather. Use your discretion as a parent to determine if your child is allowed to participate in the rain.

Games cancelled due to weather will not be refunded.

Volunteer Screening Policies

Woodstock Soccer Club accepts their responsibility to children, adults, parents, volunteers and staff involved in its programs, and is committed to ensuring adherence to the following policy to support the provision of sound, safe and healthy soccer experience in our community. Volunteer Screening Policy 

For the safety of our players, all of our coaches and volunteers must have a Vulnerable Sector Police Check on file with the club. Link to Police Check Details

Ready to get your police check done? Print this: Police Check Request Letter


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