2020 Stallions and Strikers

Interested in playing on our 2020 Outdoor teams?

Tryouts are taking place this fall!!

Director of Competitive Soccer

Have questions about our competitive program? Email our Director of Competitive Soccer!

2020 Team Coaches

U8 (2012)Coach Scott VerbruggenCoach Helena Miller
U9 (2011)Coach Richie MohammadCoach Jamie Kanlagna
U10 (2010)Team A- Coach Jeff Van Haeren
Team B – Coach Kevin Kostyria
U11 (2009) Coach Andrew BerkeleyCoach Denise Caskanette
U12 (2008) Coach Victor CabralCoaches Bill Johnson and Kat DeWit
U13 (2007) Coach Gerry TurnerCoach Chris Emms
U14 (2006) Coach Colin McIlveenCoach Mark Franken
U15 (2005) Coaches Jordan Lavin and Jason PooleCoach Metaxas Makedos
U16 (2004) Coach Stu Hume
U18 (2002/03/04) Coach Tom Birch

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