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Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to training/game time. All players must bring their own labelled water bottle. Equipment will be provided at the session, do not bring your own.

Spectators are not permitted. *Only 50 people are permitted at one time therefore spectators are restricted unless deemed necessary that a participant require assistance from one parent/guardian. Cowan Park Sportsplex

Enter the building through the MAIN ENTRANCE at the front of the building. A mask must be worn and hands must be sanitized upon entry. *Check in with the front desk attendant at Cowan Park Sportsplex upon arrival, they will let  you know when it is safe to proceed to the turf.

  • Participants must come dressed and ready to play; change rooms are closed
  • Participants must bring  belongings and shoes in a bag or backpack
  • Bleachers in the main hallway are to be used to change into soccer footwear; coats and winter footwear must remain on the bleachers
  • Main Washrooms will be open 

Masks MUST be worn until participant takes the field. Hands must be sanitized again prior to entering the pitch. Upon entry to the pitch, participants are to bring their bag or backpacks inside and arrange 6 feet apart around the perimeter of the pitch.  Once physical activity is ready to begin, masks may then be removed and put into the participant’s bag. At the conclusion of the session masks must be re-applied before leaving the pitch.

After exiting the pitch and while continuing to social distance participants will change footwear, gather belongings and promptly leave the building via the change room hallway.

“Life is like a game of soccer. You need goals. If there are no goals in your life then you can’t win.”

Unknown Author